Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family Pose Time

Hi there guys :)
I'm back with a new pose pack, this time its a family pose pack.

I've worked my ass of on this pose pack to make it as perfect as possible
I hope you guys enjoy it and have fun with it.

Pose Codes:
Pose 1
a_Casey_Female1(Family Pose)
a_Casey_Male1(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler1(Family Pose)

Pose 2
a_Casey_Female2(Family Pose)
a_Casey_Male2(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler2(Family Pose)

Pose 3
a_Casey_Female3(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler3a(Family Pose)

Pose 4
a_Casey_Male3(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler3b(Family Pose)

Pose 5
a_Casey_Female4(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler4(Family Pose)

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Intimate Moments Pose Pack 1

Hey guys
I'm back with a new pose pack :)
I'm also here with good news, I won't be making other poses except for couples from now on. Which means no more model poses or anything else that's not couple related. I'm much better at couples and would rather stick to what I'm good at. Enjoy this new pose pack <3

Cuddle Pose Pack

Hey everyone :)

I didn't like the pictures of the previous pose pack so I went and redid them :)