Thursday, June 6, 2013

Family Pose Time

Hi there guys :)
I'm back with a new pose pack, this time its a family pose pack.

I've worked my ass of on this pose pack to make it as perfect as possible
I hope you guys enjoy it and have fun with it.

Pose Codes:
Pose 1
a_Casey_Female1(Family Pose)
a_Casey_Male1(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler1(Family Pose)

Pose 2
a_Casey_Female2(Family Pose)
a_Casey_Male2(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler2(Family Pose)

Pose 3
a_Casey_Female3(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler3a(Family Pose)

Pose 4
a_Casey_Male3(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler3b(Family Pose)

Pose 5
a_Casey_Female4(Family Pose)
p_Casey_Toddler4(Family Pose)

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